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Dubai Design Week: Designed for Success

Rayan Abdullah4Rayan Abdullah as the key note speaker also conducted work shops for the students.
From Design to Global Identity Conference organised by CFAD
From Design to Global Identity Conference organised by CFAD, Ryan Abdullah as key note speaker

Dubai Design Week exhibition is taking place at the Dubai Design District from the 24th-29th October, 2016.

Dubai- 25/10/2016

It’s an honor having the College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) of the American University in the Emirates (AUE) part of the Dubai Design Week 2016, and for the 2nd International Design Conference. Couple of Designers Professionals, and Specialists who exchanged and shared their experiences. At the conference the main theme talk was about “from design to global identity” particularly “Design and Identity”. Professor. Rayan Abdullah talked about “The way to Branding” by looking at how the strategic branding has impacted major institutions, organizations, and companies. Professor. Albert Inyoung Choi for instance talked about the “Designing for Corporate Identity vs Brand Identity”, how important it is to have a brand identity and how corporate identity is put into customer’s mind that incorporates with their personal identity. Couple other keynote speakers were there including, Prof. Sarita Sahni, Dr. Ani Atanasova, Dr. Dolly Daou, and Mr. Bret Cameron.

Students of the AUE were very happy to have such conference taking place at their university that will open up their knowledge widely from the design point of view, and also got the chance to ask questions and also not to forget some photographs!

The faces on students while the conference was taking place, they were amused, positive, and full of inspiration. The student “Sidrah Khan” from CFAD was interviewed saying that “it’s a great opportunity, and very exciting conference that my college has held. The speakers were very down to earth and humbly talking about their experience. They have taken a basic concept and they’ve applied it into practice which is now essential and part of any design work. They have inspired me with their creativity, way of thinking, and the mix of ideas came up with something very huge”.

Design is not only a figure or the appearance of an object, but it’s something much deeper that it’s a discovery stage, identity, talent, creativity, innovative, and not to forget design is success.


Zaineh Sandouka – SNW News

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