Syrian Refugee; Why Europe?


Aram, 22 years old leaning on a wooden bench in the port of Tripoli, his tears mixed with the blue anger sea…”instead of crying we have to collect the desired amount for the smugglers for passage through this massive waves” said Maryam his big sister, 2 years before Maryam and Aram lose their family in armed incidents in Homs, they miraculously escaped death, more few dollars is missing to the flight by sea towards and European port, but it sounds not easy to have money without legal work due to banning all refugees from working, “where shall we go, in Jordan they encouraged to go to a camp while camps here in Lebanon are banning officially” said, Aram “Europe is the last exile available” said Maryam. finally, they collect the amount from their income by doing odd building jobs, tomorrow is the fateful, crucial day… it’s the beginning of sea journey that no one can actually guess its end.

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