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The Growing Nightmare of Dubai Roads During Peak Hours


The Growing Nightmare of Dubai Roads During Peak Hours


In the recent Years, Dubai has risen to be one of the most economically growing city due to urbanization. The massive economic expansion has led to creation of various employment opportunities which have directly influenced the growth in the number of individuals owning cars in this area. The influx of the population has continued to impact pressure on the existing transport infrastructure.

A recent survey by YouGov established that 6 out of 10 residents of Dubai either arrive to work stressed due to traffic jams or arrive back home late after spending hours caught up in traffic. Abdulrazak Tadi described the situation of Dubai roads during the Rush Hours as a nightmare, especially due to the long tailbacks common in most of the junctions.

One motorist interviewed says that “traffic has become worse, especially over the last 8 months  where Shindagha Tunnel is the worst hit from 4pm to 9pm and the traffic snarl up can be seen for several kilometers”.  Another motorist driving along Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road  says that the traffic buildup is the same along this route especially during rush hours.

In order to solve the traffic nightmare in Dubai there is a dire need to have an integrated transport network that will adopt the usage of real time data and more effective cameras so as to optimize resident’s mobility on a larger scale.

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Al Nahda Street the traffic started from 4:pm and ended at 9:pm.

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