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A world of virtual violence


Violent video games impacts the brain and thinking style of young ones!

Dubai- July, 2017

Children nowadays are easily influenced by the advanced technology and more precisely, video games. Video games are disliked by most of the parents because they are considered as time-wasters and corrupt the child’s brain which in fact is slightly true. There are various ways through which a child can play video games such as computers, tablets, mobile phone and other gadgets. Aftertalking with Moza Alshamsi, a mother of two young boys, specified that she is worrying about her children’s behavior in which they are getting addicted to violence related video games that are making her boys aggressive in all thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Moza also stated that “I am worried about the future of my boys in which they only play games that consists of guns, knifes and killing. This is frightening me and is making me worried about their future and their relationship with other people. I am fearful in how these video games are making my children violent.”

Children enjoy games which involve shooting and guns as it makes them feel powerful

Like any other thing, video games have have some positives and negatives attached to them as well. Children especially between the ages of four and 12,tempts to adapt from the environment around them from all its aspects. Therefore if a child is addicted to such harsh games he/she will learn wrong values and behaviors that would not only affect their lives now but also impact their future. This is according to an original study published in the February 2012 issue of the Journal of Psychology and Popular Media Culture. Studies also state that criminals and aggressive adults more likely gained such behavior from cruel video games in their early childhood. Another article stated that parents should keep an eye on their young children and tend to provide them with educational video games that suit their age and way of thinking.

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