Presentation Phobia


Dr. Olga has talked about one of the most common problems students face and has given advises to overcome them.

Recently experienced, that most of the university students in general have stress and they get nervous during presentations which results in loss of marks effecting their total grade of courses. To find out what is the reason of this issue and why it’s happening to the students, one of the faculty member of AUE, Dr. Olga, who is PhD in Education and Communication, discussed this problem.
She said “The word phobia is meaning unexplainable fear. People are having different fears from different things. For example, some people are having phobia of heights even if they know they will be safe, but still something scare them which is unexplainable fear.
Phobia of presentation is a common fear which is not just students experience also its happen sometimes to those who are speaking in public.
For this reason, we should know what is happening in our brain, our brain is divided in three main parts. The first part of our brain is developed for being responsible for our survival. When we faced with public and audience this part of brain gives signal that everyone looking to us, we are in danger and we are over awe. the other part of our brain which is called thinking brain shutting down for a bit because we are not used to speak in front of people for this reason students gets nervous and stress.
To avoid and keep calm themselves during presentation students should know that everyone is becoming nervous when they are speaking on the public, which is natural there is nothing wrong with anyone. In first place students should know the topic and subject that they will present also they should practice a mock presentation before the real one. Also students can choose for them familiar faces between the audience they might be their close friends to have eye contact with them. They can wear the clothes which bring for them luck like some jewelries like superstitious people. The last suggestion and the best one doing practice practice practice in advance’’.
In order to become professional presenter one has to prepare oneself before presenting and understand the topic, which they are going to present. To avoid stress during presentation we have to follow the rules, which Ms. Olga advised, and best thing for any work will be practicing it.

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