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If you are searching for good taste in a success story here is one for you

Dubai – 01/15/2018

Two young ladies started thinking about doing a new thing not like all other restaurants. It’s a caravan called salt and you must follow them in social media and it will give you a hint on their location in this way everyone was impressed and talking about this place. Until they stayed in one location in kite surf beach in Jumeirah and now it is one of the best food truck in the Middle East. And now they have 3 trucks in different location one in Dubai, AbuDhabi and Ajman. Even if the menu is short and its always crowded the people also visits this restaurant. So these two ladies worked hard and thought well before doing anything and now it is one of the best places in the UAE and all other people from different nationalities comes and wants to try salt.

Abdulla Almualla – SNW News

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