American University in the Emirates: Bringing Art to Life

AUE, CFAD- Final class work project of the students.Art students' class work exhibited in the studio

College of Design in American University in the Emirates (AUE) motivates students thinking in an artful way

Dubai- 01/10/2018

The role of artists in society performs multiple functions and it is not only about pictures or drawing, art in society now reflects social change, social values, emotions and psychological health of a person.

College of Design in the AUE ensures to develop criticism in order to evaluate things in a much better way. In addition, it teaches the students how to criticize their own work in order to develop and grown by everyday. This challenging process is designed to ensure that students understand how to handle work at professional levels.

The exciting part in this class is that students portray their ideas and life experiences which leads many exciting artworks as each one of them has a look into life in their own perspective. Art is a way of expressing feelings; it makes a person feel delighted and cheerful in many ways.

Furthermore, we need art in education to help all the people discover their hidden talents and abilities to do things. We all surely believe that one day the students of College of Design in AUE will become famous artists and successful in their life.

Above all, art can build community not only within the education but also beyond it.

Nareman Yasser & Zainah Sandouka – SNW News


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