Bringing Them Back Together After the Referendum

Pre-referendum,_pro-Kurdistan,_pro-independence_rally_in_Erbil,_Kurdistan_Region_of_Iraq_26Pre-referendum, pro Kurdistan, pro independence rally in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Photo credit Wikipedia)

Pre-referendum, pro Kurdistan, pro independence rally in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. After the attempt of the government of Kurdistan to have a referendum in September of 2017 a tension rose between Kurds and others in Iraq – Photo credit Wikipedia –

Ahmad Jassim – SNW News AUE

Dubai – 20/04/2018

Before the referendum all Iraqis from all the athletic groups did not even think that Iraq can be divided athletically and that had brought many problems to the serfs.

To bring the Kurds back to the other athletic  groups in Iraq we need to work fast and hard because the anger of what happened can be Easily  transferred  to heat between the two groups by same bad people that would  benefit a lot  if the division  will happen those people are inside Iraq and outside the country were some will benefit financially or even politically and to gain  more power than ever so for that  we have to help them to get back on  the track between each another to Guide them to a better further than now .

When the government of Erbil had the referendum of separating from Nathanial government of Iraq and making a country for them own that will be independent of Iraq and will have a Kurds area for them.

After the referendum the government of Iraq had to make same action one of the was moving the army to Erbil and seizing back the territory that they take it from isis in 2014 and took it for them self and the Iraqi government had closed the Erbil international airport for passengers and stopped all money transfer to and back and all government salaries and many more acts.

After what happened same local government structures in Iraq had same bad indicators of the hate and racism to the second group after what happened, like forced relocated Arabic and Kurds from some areas that they belong to for many years.

And before same weeks ago a group of Arab-Iraqis had been attacked by big group of Kurds in the middle of the city of Erbil were they were attacked and get beaten and that is same.

Before few days the Iraq government had issued that the Erbil international airport will be open back but only with Iraq government being the monitor in the airport of Erbil.

With time the relation between the Bagdad government and Erbil is slowly recovering for the safety and benefit of the two governments, with many different acts that help it but the relation between Kurds and others is still in very bad situation.

So for that we have to show that this is gust a stick in the wheel of the relationship between all Iraqis the and the  Iraq father and that we have to move together to the father and not to lock in the past for the bad but the good that happened and lock to the father.

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