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Iranians struggle to grow economically

Iranian Protests

The Iranians are protesting against the local economic policies and international sanctions.

Dubai-7 April 2018

Almost half of the population of Iran is suffering from poverty, youth is considered a great part of the population, and it’s so challenging for them to get employed; comparing to previous decade quantity of homeless has increased.

A protest initiated across the country in almost 80 cities, even some very small towns and villages, which lasted one week. Protestors who are poor and satiated have had enough and they have nothing to lose, have only one way of getting their points across, and let their voices to be heard; the streets.

The reason behind this protest started with some internal political parties who are against Rouhani, the president of Iran. The protest against the president started from a city called, Mashhad. But later other political parties took advantage of this opportunity and protestors turned out to be against the whole regime!

Iran is known as a rich country because of its resources and oil’s profit and other petrochemical sales. However, unlike everyone’s thoughts, this is not the main reason behind this revolutionary movement, because the population of Iran also has increased, the majority of people are educated, and the expectation of educated people is high. Comparing to 20,30 years ago the number of adults in Iran has become double.

The citizens in Iran have no issues with political movements abroad, they believe it’s a must for their country to be independent because of current political situations in the Middle East. However, people are concern about political movements inside the country, the pressure of economy raises day by day, the sanctions from western countries, and financial misconduct from government officials in order to militate the country, which leads to a decline in democracy.

The request of people in Iran from the government is to raise the level of democracy; they want more and better communication with the world that leads to positive economic and political changes

The social requests of the following protest in Iran are not something that can be overlooked by depending on political-key figuring to do with control moves by outside players. The general population of Iran has a characteristic ideal to request what is legitimately their fundamental rights as people, and they will battle for those rights paying little mind to what outside forces could conceivably wish to do.


Protest on the high cost of living in Tehran.



Marjan Mirkabiri- SNW News

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