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jklhuihrNescafe Booth Handing Out Free Coffee
Host of the Week of Welcome and the DJ

Dubai – 20/03/2018

On February 20, 2018, AUE held its annual Week of Welcome on campus. The first 3 days of the event takes place in Academic City, Dubai, which are held in the American University in the Emirates. The last 3 days are said to be at The Knowledge Village. Among other things, the purpose of this event is to welcome new students. It’s no surprise that new students often feel lost and confused their first semester of college. Therefore, Welcome Week is festival that aims to make those students feel safe and at home through different kinds of on-campus entertainment. In addition to that, WW’s main goal this year is to promote knowledge.  Usually, the event takes place at a different time of the year. However what’s a better time to celebrate knowledge than during UAE’s innovation month?

DJ Yazeed Oweis at AUE’s Welcome Week

“Last year was fun. There was a stage, performances, BOUNCE, and generally more activities. It may be less fun this year because we’re trying to emphasize knowledge more than anything else, seeing as its Zayed’s Year” is what the DJ of the event, Yazeed Oweis, said about AUE’s Welcome Week. “To sum it all up in a sentence, we’re here to bring students together to showcase different communities, innovations, and even talents.” Oweis added.

A lot of little promoter booths were spread out across campus, including Nescafe coffee, Cetaphil skin care products, FOREVER21, and other booths that sold mobile services, clothes, accessories, food, and beverages. The addition of these brands made it more interesting for people to come and check out the event. At the same time, promoters of said brands also had a chance to introduce new products and services to the students. It’s a win-win situation really. There was also a couple of dance and singing battles between the students, which was a really exciting opportunity for them to show off their talents.

AUE Student Singing Her Heart Out

Hessa Khalid Al Shehhi, an AUE law student said: “I don’t exactly know what it’s about, but it’s always good for us as students to have a change of environment. It’s also nice to see a lot of students from different universities come together.” Hessa was not the only one who was unaware of the event’s purpose though. 10 AUE students all from different majors were asked about the event, and only 2 out of them knew what it was about. To be completely honest, that’s not exactly what we care about; the only thing that matters to us is whether classes are cancelled.

That being said, the Week of Welcome did achieve its purpose and did exactly what it meant to do. It was an exciting, educational, and an entertaining affair. I personally would not have changed anything about it, except maybe for the dance-off –that was a little painful to watch.

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