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AUE walks 5 kilometers for awareness on cancer causes

llStudents of all ages participated in the walkathon.

Dubai – 06/03/2018

Police horses led the 5-kilometer walkathon.

DIAC: American University in the Emirates organized a campaign for cancer awareness on 27th of February 2018. The event organized was done on the campus of the American University in the Emirates that is located in Dubai Academic City. The event was based on raising awareness regarding the issue of cancer. The event had many different participants and shows but the aim was one that is to collect money and donate to cancer awareness programs or campaigns.

Faculty members wore cancer awareness shirts to spread the message and the awareness.

The food or any products being sold on campus were given to cancer awareness campaigns to help the people to raise awareness regarding cancer. Also, students from the American University in the Emirates participated in the event by walking 5 kilometers while wearing shirts with cancer awareness logos on them. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about cancer and to find out more about it. Also, it was to tell people how important it is to fight against such diseases and stand with our brothers and sisters who are unfortunately having this disease.

Students of all ages participated in the walkathon.

The American University in the Emirates had invited the Dubai police to join the American University in the Emirates ‘s cancer awareness campaign and to participate. So did the Dubai police respond and did participate by sending horse units to perform shows as well as show Dubai police special cars. Secondly, people of all ages participated in the 5-kilo walk for the cancer awareness campaign. There was a group of children who were dressed in the UAE army dress and were leading the walk by carrying the Emirati Flag along cancer awareness logos. Finally, the last picture shows the start and the end of the walk which is in the middle of the Academic city’s AUE campus where the walking participants ended their walk while they were wearing AUE cancer awareness campaign shirts.

Reema – SNW News.

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