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DIAC hosts annual week of welcome with the theme of the year of Zayed


Dubai – 07/03/2018

DUBAI, Dubai international academic city holds its annual week of welcome on 20th up to the 22nd of February, in celebration of the year of Zayed.

Week of welcome, also known as “WOW”, is an annual event held at the Dubai International Academic City allowing newly registered students in universities operating in DIAC to participate in several activities in an aim to help them fit in within their university campus life and culture. The week of welcome also allows students and their peers to be able to communicate and get to know one another through an informal method of communication.

Motorbike quad presented their bikes for students to see.

The week of welcome was also held in an aim to showcase future set innovations and development in the United Arab Emirates. Several booths were set offering several activities and concepts such as Smart Dubai, skincare clinic, forever 21, etc. Moreover, students and other merchandisers were given booths to present and sell their products ranging from jewelry to perfumes and more.

Farah Musa, a 21-year-old student studying at the American University in the Emirates which is one of the universities operating in Dubai international academic city, stated that even though it’s not her first year in the campus she still enjoys engaging and taking part in this event as it helps her socialize with other students

Virgin Megastore participated in the event to get the students hyped up.

as well as explore new activities and concepts which are always presented at the week of welcome every year.

The event is a clever idea to help bring all students and teachers of several ethnic backgrounds together and is a great tactic to bring down any barriers between others in the Dubai international academic city.

This event is also set to be held on the 26th to the 28th of February, in Dubai knowledge park.

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