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Midterms Week Article.

jl Participation is a key to success.

Dubai – 04/03/2018

As the 9th week of university rushes in, AUE’s midterms start and students are stressed. Library is packed with students, studying hard and doing their best to Ace their midterm.

Student focuses in class in order to understand more.

In this article we have interviewed few students to ask them about their tricks of studying well for their exams and how they do their best at it. The first student we interviewed started to tell us about his techniques to calm down from exam anxiety and stress. A.M started to point out that he makes sure that he understands all the lessons and has all materials and notes for all the subjects, and what he does is separate chapters on different days, usually a week before the midterms and then the day before the exam he just goes over it as a revision for around 2 hours to make sure that he covered everything and that it how he reduced stress because he doesn’t have a tone of things to go over in one night and that is usually the main reason why students get anxiety, freak out and eventually never study.

Participation is a key to success.

Also interviewing another student from the American university in the emirates and she started saying that she isn’t a person that freaks out when its midterm weeks. She said that I’m always in class listening and writing notes in class and so I have full understanding on everything and a wide idea on the topics, and I usually stick to that in my exams with a little bit of memorization. She also said that she isn’t a big fan of memorizing because she will most probably mix information and end up forgetting important information and then she will get a bad mark, and so they only tip she can give to us is always understand, it’s the key of success.

The last student interviewed gave us some weird tip, but it actually worked for her, she said that she usually teaches the exam material to someone else, she said Having to actually say the information out loud to someone to help them understand the concept will help you

Studying is one of the major assessments for an exam.

remember it and will give you confidence. Also she said the treating own self can help so much in the process of midterms, Place snacks at the end of certain paragraphs when you’re reading or treat yourself to a Mani -Pedi or to a shopping spree if you get the grades you want, it’s a kind of motivation to trick your mind to do better at the test and remember all the information studied, its relation to psychology. And lastly the last tip she gave us Get organized and manage your time, having an agenda or a calendar where you can write due dates and important dates down, you’ll feel less stressed out, which will help you be more relaxed while taking exams. These are some of the tricks that AUE student use to Ace their midterms. They obviously swear by these tricks and so we should totally give them a try and see how it all turns out.

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