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AUE thrashes AUD by 14 Nill

AUE football

Dubai – 03/03/2018

The American University in the Emirates football team beats the American University of Dubai by massive 14-0  while playing the final match for Dubai championship at AUD campus.

AUE football team played against the American University in Dubai for the final match of Dubai Championship on February 21st, at 8:30 PM. A lot of students and faculty members attended to cheer AUE’s team and witness the game. The game was an exciting one and everyone couldn’t wait to see who wins this championship. AUE’s students spend weeks training for they’re this game. They had practiced a lot and divided the players in the spots where they are strong. They worked hard and believed that nothing is impossible and that they are going to win this game.

Football coach shares tips and tricks before the match to prep the team.

Even though the game was on AUD’s campus, The American University in the Emirate won the game, with the final score of 14-0. This shows how hard AUE’s team worked on winning this game and they did it. Of course, after their success, we interviewed one of the players Anwar and asked him how did they achieve this? He stated that we are AUE students and we learned that nothing is impossible, we worked and trained and we gained what we wanted and that is exactly what we were taught in AUE, and I can’t express the happiness I am in, and of course, he thanked his teammates and their coach.

A football player in action.

Interviewing one of the faculty members, and she seemed so excited. She stated that the game was amazing and the team members worked so hard and they earned it. Of course, she also talked about the players in details and that each one of them had a role and played it perfectly. She also said that today was a hard-luck for The American University of Dubai, but she wishes them the best. On the other hand, I also interviewed an The American university of Dubai students and asked him about his thought on the game, he said that it wasn’t in The American university of Dubai luck today and of course he wishes them nothing but success for their next games, but said that the American university in the Emirates played in such an amazing way today and It was very obvious how hard they trained and they did it, and of course he congratulated The American university In the Emirates on winning the final of Dubai championship.

At the end we can see the happiness on AUE’s entire Faculty member, President Mothana, students and players as they were celebrating, singing and expressing how grateful they are and how happy they are for achieving this goal, taking pictures an sharing their success on all American university in the Emirates social media platforms to update everyone who wasn’t able to attend the game.

Mohamed Talaat – SNW News.

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