Your grades reflect what you have done half way thru the semester and there are several tipping points that could distract your focus, to succeed in exams, read on

Dubai 6/3/2018

Despite the months of dedication and hard work, student’s success depends on mid-term and final exams. Final exams take place in the last month of a semester. However halfway into a semester we have midterm exams. Many colleges such as American University in the Emirates, compress all mid term exams into a single week. This may seem stressful and dreadful but there are several ways improve performance during exam week.

Here are 10 techniques a student can use to make sure they are prepared before the exam week approaches.

1- Creating a self study guide

Many teachers do provide a study guide for you, but creating a schedule for yourself can be helpful in making sure you are prepared before time. You know your time best and nobody else can question you in that part. So, prepare a schedule and stay updated in advance.

2- Asking questions

Asking questions to professors and your peers will help you understand a topic better. Professors look at the dedication of students and the willingness to study. When you ask the professor for clarifying your doubts, they feel good to teach you. Do, do not hesitate to ask questions, go ahead and clarify your doubts.

3- Starting early

Start preparing before time so that you never have a tight schedule a night before an exam. You will almost always be better prepared, focused and well informed than other peers by doing this. So, start before time and plan ahead to be ready.

4- Organize study sessions

Group study can be helpful sometimes as it involves your peers who are of the same calibre as you. However, this does not work for all, so question yourself and experiment what works better for you; group study or individual study.

5- Staying well rested

You as students must ensure a good night sleep to be productive for staying awake and being focused while in the exam hall. Studying all night long for an exam the next morning is probably the worst thing you can do. This will lead you nowhere and deviate your focus further more. So, sleep at night but study at day time, take breaks and enjoy studying.

6- Priority comes first

Some exams are much more difficult than other exams and you might need more time on a particular topic than on others. Therefore, in such a case it becomes significant to prioritize your study time and analyze all your subjects before hand. When you prioritize you have enough time for each subject and you can clarify dolls beforehand if you have any.

7-  Quiz yourself

Think of the possible questions and prepare a question paper for yourself. This way can set expectations of what needs to be taken focus of.

8- Teach your classmates

Learning by teaching is a really good method that works wonders. When you teach someone you re-learn the material you have to learn eventually. This method will fortify what you have learnt and also facilitate someone in their studies.

9- Shut your social media accounts

In your normal daily routine, you focus on social media more than anything else, this is because you do not prioritize. While the time of exam is around, silencing social media accounts is always a good idea. However, taking brakes from study schedule is a good idea too. So use your breaks to log in to your accounts and give it time not more than 10 minutes. Social media can be addictive and thus 10 minutes is more than enough to keep up with new updates.

10- Stay active and eat well

Eating healthy is a good idea always. During exam time you might get cravings of having junk food and soft drink, but the challenge is to avoid it completely. At this exam period you must be focused and active to function your brain properly. So, rest, stay active and eat healthy.

A strong exam week performance seems anything but impossible, but you can make it anything but possible. So, put your worries and panic notwithstanding, stay focused, stay awake and active, be prepared, work hard, eat healthy and give your body the time to rest so it can function super fast in the exam hall, but most importantly have fun studying. Welcome to the week of mid term exams, you are as strong and powerful as you can be.

Good luck 


Shaima Gourh –SNW New

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