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Faith in Humanity: Breast Cancer Awareness

IMG_09774 stallions ready to lead the marching parade.

Dubai – 6/3/2018

February 27, the American University in the Emirates hosted its annual cancer awareness. This awareness takes place in order to take an action and to support those who have survived and are still fighting through their stages and to help defeat the cancer by promoting the awareness and educate people about it. It occurred throughout the American University campus but mainly near the fountain area and in the auditorium.

4 stallions ready to lead the marching parade.

This year it began with a marching parade through streets of academic city with the help of the police. The organizers had 4 stallions mounted upon them 4 police officers a luxurious Audi R8 leading the way. You could see many diversified attendees varying in age, culture, religion, ethnicity, and so much more in order to show their support to promote the awareness. Students from kindergarten, middle school, high school, and university students joined along side the president of the American university in the Emirates, professors, and almost all faculty members.

As student from the college of fashion design chose to stay anonymous that was a participant in the march has stated, “The University does really want to show support and educate people through the awareness.” He believes that the marching parade that was done as an honorary for the fallen members is a good way to show support. Also stated that the meeting done with stories that have been shared are touching and motivates all those in order to stance and show their support by donating or even just supporting them.

Faculty members sharing joy and happiness with younger kids.

One of the faculty members in the Student affairs believes that this annual event is a must to be done in order to get students aware of cancer and to educate them more of it. They believe the entertainment done for the students go along with it to show even during hard times things lighten up and are pleasant. It is not necessarily always gloomy. They believe that the diversification done to show that it can strike anyone from any gender or any background and that they should gain more knowledge about it.

The did not just have the conference and the march around the university they also had booths set up for students to go and take part of for instance the eye test booth. The event had a dog show to entertain all attendees showing the police trained dogs and how obedient they are. Also kids have done many dances in order to spread joy and happiness throughout the whole event.

Kids have danced their way to happiness throughout the cancer awareness.


The American University in the Emirates has yet again done its annual cancer awareness this academic year. Had a few keynote speakers participate to share their journey of what they have been through and to educate students. Found many ways to entertain all the guests that were there threw an amazing event to enlighten and show that students can fight and support the fallen members that are suffering from cancer by sharing and raising awareness to everyone to do what they can in order to help.

Nour Sherif  – SNW News.

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