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The 1st International Research Conference 2017

IMG_8777Active discussion during the conference

The 1st International Research Conference which is organized by Prof Miroslav Mateev, who is Deputy chair in the American University in the Emirates.

Dubai- November 2017

The 1st AUE International Research Conference (AUEIRC) provides great opportunities for faculty members and students and anyone who is interested to join it. AUEIRC provides a platform which gives a chance to discuss recent and latest trends in creative business as well as social innovation. The main role of this conference is to highlight and show main aspects of concentration on scale of the benefit between communities. At the end of this conference the best papers will be chosen and awarded by Springer. Actually, Creative Business and Social Innovation is a very broad term, which includes many topics of interest, such as: Accounting and Finance, E-commerce and Marketing, Human Resource Management and other areas of interest. In addition, the Scientific Committee of this conference is very international and global, which means many professors of universities of the UK, Germany, Iran, UAE and other countries will take part in it and leave their impact and valuable speech. Steering committee of the conference are Professor Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq (Chair), Professor Miroslav Mateev (Deputy Chair), Dr. Arafat Al Naim (Member) and other doctors of AUE from COBA, CMMC and other colleges.

Prof Ali Emrouznejad from Aston University, the UK

Another aim of this conference is to bring all together practitioners, researches, and students of universities to share and discuss within each other the challenges, which we face nowadays and how to find all possible and best solutions in up to date disciplines. The AUEIRC includes all broad and deep ranges and topics of contemporary world of business, communication and common benefit.

Professor Ali Emrouznejad

The conference is followed by the speeches and workshops of keynote speakers. On Thursday 16, 2017 there was a speech and workshop given by Prof. Ali Emrouznejad, who came all the way from Aston University (UK) in order to share ideas with universities in Dubai, in particular with AUE. His speech was very constructive, easy to comprehend and surely easy to apply his ideas and projects in the near future for our own benefit and collaboration in business world.

During the valuable speech of Professor Ali Emrouznejad

Professor Ali Emrouznejad is a Chair in Business Analytics and a Professor and he has been working and putting impact on various areas of Operations Research and Statistic in particular. He has started working in this kind of field since 1993.  Prof Ali Emrouznejad got his PhD in operational research from Warwick Business School, UK. After having done his PhD he became one part of the development team of Performance Indicators in Higher Education at HEFCE (Higher Education Fundin Council for England). The areas of his working experience are very broad and wild, since his areas of interest and professionalism include performance measurement as well as performance management, effectiveness of analysis as well as its productivity. In addition, it includes data minding and big data.

Active discussion during the conference

On Thursday section, which took place in AUE auditorium Prof Ali Emrouznejad talked and gave very excellent and professional presentation regarding data analysis and its collection. In his speech, he pointed out that analyzing data is a necessary skill, which is needed in business world and management section. From his speech it is clearly understood that putting big data and its analyzation consumes a lot of time and effort, so he created PIM software, which means Performance Improvement Software. It is a special kind of software, which allows a person to work on analyzing, collecting and gathering data in a professional way without any obstacles of losing information and having problems in putting the given data.

Speech during the 1st International Research Conference 2017

All in all, the workshop and presentation was taking place in a good place with people, who were engaged and interested in speech and skills, which Prof Ali Emrouznejad.

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