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The 1st American University in the Emirates International Research Conference (AUEIRC)

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American University in the Emirates hosted the first international research conference, from 14-15th of November, 2017


It was a great pleasure for AUE to host the first International Research Conference. The conference took place at AUE campus which gathered many professors and researchers from different universities around the world.

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Professors from AUE and different countries attending the AUEIRC

The aim and scope of international research conference is to make opportunities for academics, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and students in order to exchange their ideas in the field of creative business and social innovations which can be a benefit for scaling communities. Also AUEIRC promotes practice and theory as well as they apply to each area and the submission of applied research is specially encouraged. AUEIRC highlights and includes broad range of topics regarding to the creative business and social innovations on areas that impact for benefit of contemporary society.

The conference started by keynotes speakers Prof. Suzan Ortega board of Trustees Member AUE, Prof. GALA Hassan Gala-Edeen, from Cairo University and university of London and Prof. Ali Emrouzenjad, Aston University. The topics covered by these professors during the conference were about social innovations, creative business, education and social, media for smart cities, smart technologies and innovation, governance and legislation, creative industries and special innovations.

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Prof. Suzan Ortega, the keynote speker, board of Trustees Member AUE

The professors and students of AUE attended the program and they expressed their happiness because they gained great opportunity and experience to be the first presenters as well as they were hosting the conference as well. We, as students of the AUE, were inspired and encouraged by the great ideas for being creative in order to function in many different fields. The participants of this conference introduced and promoted this program for newly joined students as well as the current students to attend continuously to such programs for being more informed about theories discussed and promoted by the keynote speakers which showed a path of creativity and innovation.

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Professors at AUEIRC

As a general sum, we can state that this conference can be an action for reputation of AUE and also it brings the chance and opportunity for AUE to be the host for upcoming events such as AUEIRC. It leads for wider interactions between different universities with AUE and their members nationally and internationally.

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The 1st American University in the Emirates International Research Conference in cooperation with Springer

Rohilah Nasir Ahmad, Khalida Noor – SNW News

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