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AUEIRC Highlights Role Of Media For Smart Cities


At the 1st AUE’s International Research Conference a complete session was devoted on Media in Smart Cities and Social Innovation

Dubai – 15/11/2017

The conference session on Media in Smart Cities and Social Innovation was chaired by Professor/Dean Nabeel Jurdi College of Media and Mass Communication in the American University of the Emirates. The conference was attended by faculty and presenters of the AUE and different universities around the world, each presenter explained and discussed their own topic based on the research they conducted.


Conference about Media for Smart Cities in the American University in the Emirates class room

The papers that were discussed during this session of the conference were

1- Diplomacy in the Internet Age, Challenges and Opportunities for the UAE                 Presented by Mellissa Marilyn Cyril from the Jawaharlal Nehru University(India)

2- City as a Platform ( The case study of Berlin and Warsaw)                                           Presenters Jacek Milkucki from the University of Warsaw (Poland)

3- The Impact of Smart Technology on Advertising Trends                                          Presented by Bassant Eyada, Mai Al Nawawy from American University in the Emirates

4- Evaluating the Strength of Middle Eastern Monarchies and  Republics                 Presented by Khulood Jamal Ahmad from the American University in the Emirates

City as a Platform (The case study of Berlin and Warsaw) presented by Jacek Milucki in the American University in the Emirates

During the conference each presenter discussed his own research, this was the first international conference conducted in AUE with many different sessions. The presenters in the conference did a case study about what is New Media in cities, each had their own way of identifying it and finding a new definition of media and choosing a case study related to this topic.  Media Infrastructure (Hard Infrastructure and Soft Infrastructure), Dimensions of Media in Smart Cities Analysis was discussed in this conference. Also, smartphone and technologies, how are they evolving, NASA’s space exploration technology zoom feature and  how technology has changed the behavior of the consumer creating a major transformation of marketing and advertising aspects. How consumers use their smart phone for everyday decisions, where to shop, eat, navigate and many other topics that are related to innovation and new media.

The Impact of Smart Technology on Advertising Trends presented by Dr. Bassant Eyada , and Mai Al Nawawy from the American University in the Emirates

The session helped explore the various elements of smart cities and to have an understating concerning the potential technologies that modify the intelligence in future cities. The aim of this conference was for people to meet expert consultants within the field, to higher perceive the life in smart cities and to grasp additional information about its opportunities and challenges. It also gives the chance for members to exchange information and insights which will result in additional awareness concerning the Smart Cities Opportunities and Challenges. This can extend analysis and education within the field and help the community to have better knowledge.

The dean of Media Doctor Nabeel Jurdi attending the conference of media for smart Cities in the American University in the Emirates

Michal Glowacki PHD assistant professor and Jacek Milkucki PHD student at University of Warsaw, presented their topic in the conference, when asked to talk about their research topic, and what were the objectives of their research was, they gave very enlightening answers.

The first International Research conference in the American University of the Emirates about social innovation

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