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The 1st AUEIRC Discusses Economic Impact of Open Source Software


DEAN of CCIT talked about Impact on Cyber Security Markets during presentation of his research paper at International Research Conference held at AUE

Dubai- 15/11/2017

Professor Adel Khelifi, Dean of College of Computer Information Technology talked about the research on exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Open Source Software and its economic impact on the Cyber security Market. He said that many organizations spend millions to buy commercial software. Open source software is free, but by free it means that only the license is free of cost. There are other hidden maintenance costs to it. Dr. Adel said that the objective is to investigate the current scene of cyber security, its solutions, both proprietary and open source, to clear up whether or not it is feasible to go towards open source solutions in the future.

Dr. Adel Khelifi during the presentation in AUEIRC

Talking about the goals is to derive recommendations that may help organizations in searching for potential Open Source Software (OSS) security solutions. Also, outline the potential financial savings that can result from using OSS. OSS is basically software with source code that can be viewed, altered, modified, or enhanced. Proprietary software on the other hand treats its source code as confidential information.  He further talked about how there are four components that require protection which are network, applications, data and people.

Professors from AUE and different universities attending the conference

He concluded the research by stating that the aim is to bolster the adoption rate of open source security software. The factors holding it back must be addressed which are educate people and highlight the positive aspects that OSS security can bring to the table.

The attendees taking notes to ask questions at the end of the conference

Dr. Talal Butt in the next section talked about the Security and Privacy in Smart Cities, its Issues and Solutions. Explaining the term smart city, he said it simply means to make all the services smart such as e-government and e-services etc.  He mentioned that Internet of things, Cloud Computing (provide infrastructure to store that data), Big Data (which is the main key for smart city) and the technology contributing to smartness.

Dr. Talal Butt talked about the Security and Privacy in Smart Cities

He further explained Smart City Architecture. It has many layers for example the Perception layer, this has internet of things which means billions of censors are deployed in a city to gather data. Integration layer relates to the many protocols such as Wi-Fi, 4G or even 5G technologies. Cloud layer provides infrastructure and then the application layer which consists of different kinds of software. Artificial Intelligence will be the key in all of this, as all these sensors and systems cannot be controlled by humans and we need some power to control it.

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