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IMG_6268The Abaya express women’s personality

Abaya’s designs combine simplicity, luxury, elegance and modernity with the latest trends in fashion. When we spot the light on abaya’s design, it strives to maintain the distinctive Emirati style and to give each abaya a print or a test of Emirati style.

Dubai- 30 Sep 2017

The world of design, which has entered the field of the abaya and shaila Gulf industry, to shine in its elegant style, relying on its innovative ideas to develop the traditional and local costume with excellence and skillful and intelligent staff, drawing its rich imagination and futuristic outlook on other types of models. When it comes to fashion the desires, ambition, and contemporary thinking meets together to creates amazing harmony in clothing. The surrounding conditions and atmosphere dictate a practical sense of simplicity and sophistication in the style of clothing and fashion, bringing to those who wear data of comfort, flexibility and elegance.

The abaya went through great transformations after it was an indicator of judging the personality of the person who wears it. The new generation is manipulating fashion and style through reshaping the abaya. Arab and international designers have been racing to satisfy this new trend through many designs.

The abaya evolved per the development of society. In the old days, the woman was just a housewife, and she did not need to wear more than what was available at the time, because she spent most of her time at home. Now most of the women became workers, therefore they need more abayas. The daily working woman needs a type of abaya that makes her feel comfortable while working. In addition, housewife that goes out with her children for shopping or taking a walk, she needs a flexible abaya that does not hinder her fast movement with her children.

Due to the nature of our warm atmosphere, colored fabrics have become part of the designs of Abaya. Which is now more modern, and is characterized by many colors and made of different materials, and characterized by the process, and enables women to feel free among the crowds and beauty and elegance, “stressing the need to protect the old style and legacy of the Arabian cloak, as some designers do not realize that the abaya is part of Our heritage.

Fatima Ali Saleh-SNW News


each designer has her or his own way of making Abaya
Each designer has her or his own way of making Abaya
the Abaya express women’s personality
The Abaya express women’s personality



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