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The makeup line “Fenty Beauty “by Rihanna was released on September7, 2017 in all Sephora stores. The pop artist Rihanna worked many years to create and test her own makeup line.

Sharjah – September27, 2017

She mentioned in her makeup website “Fenty beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line. The makeup line contain foundation, primer, highlighter, conceal + contour, blotting, brushes + tools, and a lip gloss.

A liquid foundation and a pressed foundation for a full coverage.
A liquid foundation and a pressed foundation for a full coverage.

What makes this makeup line so special? Rihanna released 40 different shades of foundation for all skin colours and types in the first day.  It was the first makeup line to release this amount of shades in their launch day. The foundation called PRO FILT’R SOFT MATTE LONGWEAR FOUNDATION. So, to test that I went to Sephora and got the foundation that matches my skin color.


A foundation that matches my skin tone.
A foundation that matches my skin tone.

My shade is 350 (Neutral) when I tested in the store. After trying the foundation in the next day, I found out that it oxidize and it gets darker in 2 shades. So, if you want to try the foundation make sure that you apply your shade  in the store and wait few minutes until it oxidize and then see if it matches you. And it can get very oily in some parts of the face if you have an oily skin. So, keep in mind that you need a mattifying powder. However, the foundation feels soft and light in the skin. Plus, it is a long wear foundation as I wear in my face for 10 hours and it didn’t fade.


Is it worth the hype? The products have pros and cons and you can manage it depending on your skin type and color. As a high end brand, the prices are a bit high but they are worth it.

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