one of the play grounds
Play grounds where children run and get fresh air with their parents

The most mind-blowing challenges of all is planning a move out or simply finding a place to live you and your beloved family finding the ideal and most comfortable home is sometime a hard task to do.

What is a compound? For me is more like a bubble but in real life it a noun that is used to describe an area that contains a large number of houses and villas that are family friendly, built close together and owned by the same company that’s for sure.

Me myself I live in a perfect compound called ghorob midriff, the number of facilities that it owns are unlimited and social benefits specially for the youngsters and the sport loved as well as old people who like to take long walks with their loved ones and their little grandchildren’s.

In my compound there is a number of play grounds and small parks that are surrounded by four buildings, and each buildings owns a different play ground such as basketball, running area a very nice parks that includes all kind of fun activities for the kids to be happy along with a sharing pool for everyone to use.

And from the safety side its full of security guards  and various number of cameras all over the area witch keep it trustable and a safe place for families to be happy and kids run their bikes without fearing cars or strangers approaching them in any way,

What makes it amazing to live in a compound is the variety of nationalities and cultures that lives near you.

Yes there might be a clash of culture but why not we live in a world where different cultures are something to be proud of neighborhoods are known for its nice people and joyful faces.

You can never go wrong with living in a safe and a good environment home so next time before you make up your mind about moving,  give compounds a second thought, you might not regret it.

one of the many compounds
one of the many compounds

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