Abdulla’s Food blog reviewing the food In Angeline Coffee Yas Mall .
The blogger hk-alkhalifa sharing her pleasant experience.
The blogger hk-alkhalifa sharing her pleasant experience.

Are you interested to know what is food blogging and what are the best food blogs in UAE?

Dubai – 26/12/2017

Food blogging basically represents a complex and weird interaction between food and people with blogs that write about food presented with photographs, it’s a blog dedicated all to food with pictures showing different types of food or either showing best local food finds and it can also be food reviews of restaurants the bloggers go to how do they find the food there or how to make that specific plate. Food bloggers basically share their recipes with the readers and some make profit out of their blog.

Karen McLean the blogger shares her recipe for this Gluten free pizza .
Karen McLean the blogger shares her recipe for this Gluten free pizza .

UAE is known for its fantastic food and restaurants that make delicious food, from easy cooking to dinning here are some famous food bloggers in Dubai.
1-Secret Squirrel Food (secretsquirrelfood ) :The blogger is called Karen McLean she is a Melbourne living in Dubai and cooks simple and healthy dishes with all the recipes.
2-Dalia’s Kitchen (daliaskitchen ) : Dalia is a Syrian – German food author , she currently lives in Dubai and contributes to leading food magazines and has her own cooking book called “Food, Love and life from Dalia’s Kitchen “.
3-LatifaShamsi (latifaalshamsi) : Latifa is an Emirati food lover , she samples food at new restaurants and her reviews reach out to the mass market .
4-HK Finds (hk-alkhalifa) : A food writer and photographer loves to go to new restaurants and review their food with pictures and her experience .
5-Dubai Confidential (dubaiconfidential) : It’s a practical lifestyle website for women , to inspire , help and motivate women to explore and discover hidden gems around UAE .
6-The Hedonista (thehedonista) : Sarah Walton an Australian who managed restaurants before , and written a small wine magazine , now lives and Dubai and is set out to discover regional food and wine .
7-I Live In A Frying Pan (fryingpanadventures) : Ahmed is food blogger who committed herself to discover the the city of Dubai with its expanding international flavors .
8-My Custard Pie (mycustardpie) : Prosser is a champ in food DIY and shares her fresh ingredients and recipes on her blog .

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