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AUE Students Participate in Autism Walk


Dubai 04/2017

On 4th April, 2017, around 5000 people gathered at Za’beel Park, Dubai to walk for autism and participate in the festival. Among those people were a group of determined AUE students who walked for Autism on Saturday from 4pm-9pm. Students from various universities also took part.


Thousands walked for autism.

We got a chance to talk to them and to hear their point of view on this occasion.

Muhammad, 21, a student from Arts College said, “This is just one of the ways to show that autistic kids are appreciated and to create awareness about them. The festival has many sponsors giving out free things and many shows in which special abilities’ children are performing. It makes us happy and proud of ourselves because we have taken part in a great initiative.”

Additionally, a volunteer and also a vendor from the event, Hassaan, said, “Being in a bazaar is just a side thing. The actual idea is to be part of this event and support families with autistic children. This isn’t disability, it is simply a special condition and people need to understand that. There is no need to make this a negative concept!”


Vendors and small bazaar made the event happening; Hassan’s small but crowd-drawing stall.

Hence, the event was a successful and a crowded event that drew people from all over UAE.

Salwa Jakvani –SNW NEWS

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