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Library and Information Resource Center (LIRC) at AUE

“ A library is a place where you learn what teachers were afraid to teach you” –Alan M.Dershowitz, says a quote about education, which is taken from the walls of the new library


The Library and Information Resources Center at the American University in the Emirates opened its doors for students in the beginning of the spring semester 2017.  The library is located on the ground floor. Library at the AUE plays a very important role in order to develop and maintain academic work at its all levels. AUE library offers information resources, which can help students and faculty members to find out any kind of information, which they are interested to find. In addition, it offers other facilities. There are computer tables, where any student can work and enjoy their stay, there are study tables, which are comfortable and used in order to work with groups and discuss topics. Moreover, library offers mini study rooms for individual work, where nothing can disturb you from your work.

“Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education” Martin Luther King
“Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education” Martin Luther King, says another quote on the wall

The good think about the library is that you can always borrow books, which you may need for your courses and you can always use online resources. There are around 12,700 books offered and there are online databases, such as: “Ebrary”, “Emerald”, “JSTOR” and some others.

Overall, the new library is a great place to study individually and in groups, to find out e-resources and read books for studies in a roomy and brand-new zone of the AUE.

Zere Duman – SNW.News

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