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The American University in the Emirates which is located in Dubai Academic city, opens its doors academic year for the students with a new look.


Due to the increasing number of students at the campus, AUE decided to expand the library and shift from the third floor of block 6 to a whole new block which is block 7.

Students at the campus now can enjoy their free time by checking variety of books that has been added recently to the library. As well as more computers are being added, so that students can get their assignments done at the library in a short time. Moreover, more staff are recruited at the library to help students and advise them.

Furthermore, not only the library expanded, but also changed its look. Students from the College of Fine Arts and Design, designed a cozy, comfortable library to make it a better place and choice for the students at the campus to study in. Colors comfortable to the eyes have been chosen to paint the walls of the library.

IMG_8397    IMG_8396

The new library at the AUE’s campus. New offices in the library itself are made for students to feel free and comfortable when asking for any advice. Huge boards with motivating and encouraging quotes are there to motivate students and encourage them on reading. Moreover, many computers and shelves have been added to enhance the library. AUE is making its best in improving and expanding so that its students can give their best academically.

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