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Restructuring UAE Cricket Team


Sharjah- Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) announce to restructure the cricket pattern in the country.

The national cricket team is lowest in ICC cricket ranking. The cricket board meeting held in Sharjah cricket stadium anniversary. The chairman of board said, we are honor to most the most number of international cricket matches in Sharjah cricket stadium than any other cricket stadium in the world.

It is very discouraging for us that our own national cricket team is not delivering according to the expectation. We could not qualify for the ICC world cup even a single time. The cricket board decided to arrange inter school and college cricket competition in December. These even will help to find the new talent from the youngsters. He further added, the international coach will hired from Pakistan and Australia to train our team. There is need to add further pattern in the cricket. The fewer than 17 and fewer than 19 cricket teams will be format this year to support the talent for national team. International teams will be invited to play with national team. This move will help to train the crickets. They will be able to play well in the international teams in international events. Cricket is not much popular in the country as like the other Asian country.

UAE National Cricket Team

The chairman said to increase the compensation, match fees and winning price for the cricketers. We have best stadium in the country. There is need to set the best cricket team as well. This sports is very thrilling like the football. There is need to hunt new talent to encourage people to play. Sports are healthy activities, He said.

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