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Through 2000 Arabic Language Books, Special Needs Students Improving Reading Skills in Fujairah


Students have vast knowledge there by using their fingerprints, consisting 2000 Arabic books. They are designed to help developing their skills.

An eight years old child named Nadha Naqvi who is suffering from autism was helped by a teacher named Najaj  Darwish Ali in reading rehabilitation center at Fujairah Special needs Student.

In Fujairah rehabilitation center there are approximately 71 children, having small class rooms and some special talent show rooms.

Ayesha Al Najar, the manager of center said, “There are also completions in school, having 15 class rooms along with small attached libraries of each class.”  Further she mentioned about the reading corners that there are two reading corners in their center. One of them is known as “train of knowledge”, and other which is shaped like a tree consisting large number of books is known as “fruits of knowledge”.

Furthermore she said the main library of this center plays a very important role for students… from the library every week students come and visit to pick their own choice of books. In rehabilitation center each part is designed in a specific way that emphasizes children in reading activities.

A small 14 years old student whose name is Shakila from the center said “she really enjoys reading, loves to stay near books and her favorite book is ‘Me and My Brother’.” Her teacher Fatima Al Swraidi said, she has much improved this year and progressed in reading abilities as well.” She further said Shakila when came firstly at center when she was nine years old. At that time she knew just to read few letters but now she has progressed in a great way that she can read a whole sentence now. Najat said, “Books are used to develop skills and abilities, some of them have progressed an amazing way that now they are able to read center make them more social and confident.”

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