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AUE Hosted Mr. Maher Abdulrahem in Order to Discuss the Report News in Conflict Times

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The American university in the Emirates organized a workshop with Mr. Abdul Rahem to clarified the require knowledge and information for any journalist to produce high concept of news coverage.

Media ethics are related to any act by any person who owns the responsibility especially the journalist and the reporter who considered as the main orbit for the news journey across the countries, Mr. Maher spoke about the importance of values and ethics in media fields, “ethics of news coverage principles consider as the heart of professionalism”. He focused on neutrality, overall dealing with the event and addressing them from the broad perspective, and respective values and beliefs.

Mr. Maher used the case of Tunisia as an example of news coverage of the Arabic Revolution and he emphasis on the equity, respect, and honesty in dealing with any participant, and avoid any manipulate in the voice or image, and preservation of privacy the race of news coverage is not easy so the professionalism of powerful respective company starts from the ability of collecting new data, interviewing the involving people and come up with breaking news. In Tunisia we face a lot of troubles specifically with policemen and the following previous regime of Zin Al Abedin Ben Ali men intelligence then we face huge waves of arrests, journalism career require a lot of bravery dedication and sincerity particularly in times of conflict, wars, or revolution.

The American University in the Emirates has organized a workshop with Mr. Abdul Rahem


Telling the truth might make you vulnerable to pressure from both wrestle parties because your goal originally is to transfer the information regardless who gain the benefit and who vulnerable to the danger because of certain statements conveyed by your voice, words or camera, but sill you have to be neutral and street to the point. Logos and cheers about honesty and credibility of news is much easier than applying this logos into acts, even though a lot of news agencies have clear policy about the truthfulness in telling the news, but it still challenging especially when it’s related to states policies, in AUE we learned the important of ethics in writing news.

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