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CMMC interviewing Dr. Thaer Odeh critic and scholar in Arabic literature field

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Dubai- Jan / 2018

Media student using the studio equipment to shoot an interesting interview with Dr. Thaer Odeh to encourage whom interested in writing short stories, novels, and poetry to enhance their skills and knowledge about writer tools.

Dubai, media students at The American University in the Emirates host Dr. THear Odeh using the studio equipment such as the camera control, lights and control panel to produce their first experience of building complete TV interview from A to Z, Marzoq presents the interview trying his best to ask Dr. Odeh several questions related to discloses the different between the mentality of the writer and the normal human.
“The writer is the person who has unique vision even with repeated or sample ideas” said Dr. Odeh, stated that the writer mentality more depth than others, “Who the writer be so” asked Marzoq, Odeh answers generosity that the writer first of all should handle the strong language tools in terms of grammar and sentences structures, secondly being professional in expressing the perspectives and thought.
In terms of developing your talent in writing follow Dr. Odeh advice, focus on to main parts, one concerns about the components of the novel or short story are the time, place, and characters being aware of those factors help in the technical field. The second part is about the subject, he should write something new and spectacular even with the repeated issues, he or she should ask what is the new think that I will add it to this topic? In this manner, absolutely the skills and vision become broader.
Dr. Odeh advice the students and anyone who interested in writing career to read in first place, read then read and finally read this is the golden rule that makes the real different, select the books and articles according to your interest stories, novels or poetry.

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